Project Overview

A client required a modern appearance as well as an easy-to-use backend. This blog should also cover the tech and review niches. The client also wanted this website to be compatible with Google AdSense. We planned to develop this website using WordPress to meet the needs of the client. We decided on a theme. We went over every detail and came up with a preliminary plan for customizing it.

We’ve added a slew of new features. We have included a guest writing form, which allows users to share posts in one click, similar to how the website darkens and lights depending on the viewer’s interest. For the admin, there is a rating system, as well as many more features to save the time of the client and their viewers.


Blog Website


Jul 2021


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Our Solution & Results

We were able to build this website in just three days since we used WordPress to build it. Day 1 was devoted to result planning, theme selection, and analysis. Day 2 and 3 were spent customizing the theme and adding features that were not included in the theme.

Those Additional Features are mentioned in the Features tab above if you Missed them. We also made sure that the client’s Google Adsense account was linked to this site.

On the fourth day, we presented the client the website, and he was satisfied with the results, thus we had another satisfied client.