Project Overview

The client wanted the previous static website redesigned into a fresh clean design. He also wants us to reuse the former website’s content. We planned to develop this website using WordPress to meet the needs of the client. We decided on a theme. We went over every detail and came up with a preliminary plan for customizing it.

We’ve introduced a host of new features that weren’t available on the previous website. We also gave the site a clean and modern design that was simple to navigate around. We also made sure to include a Product showcase page where clients’ products could be shown.


Business Website


Dec 2020


Website – Protechhydro

Our Solution & Results

We were able to complete this website in 7 days, although it took longer due to the special design of the product showcase page. The first day was spent preparing the results, choosing a topic, and analysing the data. The second through fourth days were spent modifying the theme and importing content from the old website. Day 5-7 was spent creating the Product Showcase page, importing content from the existing site, and photoshoping new images for the site.

We also performed basic SEO on the site, including meta title, description, and other elements.