Project Overview

The client requested that his old charity website be redesigned into a modern look. He also wanted a Donation System where viewers could donate to the campaign they were running. We planned to develop this website using WordPress to meet the needs of the client. We decided on a theme. We went over every detail and came up with a preliminary plan for customizing it.


Web Development


Sep 2021

Client – Visit Website

Our Solution & Result

The website was fully redesigned, including the layout and location, to ensure that it stood out from the rest of the theme. We also improved the website’s speed and search engine optimization. Clients found it easy to manage or create campaigns. We customized the features for the campaign donation system and integrated Razorpay and PayU, one of the two Indian payment gateways. We have introduced the ability to download Donation Receipts and chat over WhatsApp.

On the site, we also conducted basic SEO, such as meta title, description, and other aspects.